May 30, 2011

2011: the pillows - Horn Again

Known for their extensive soundtracking of the Japanese mini-anime series Fooly Cooly, their distinct mix of Weezer, Oasis and Stray Cats rockabilly has made them relatively popular in the western part of the world, and deservedly so. Almost no other Japanese band has such an extensive discography.

Horn Again, their seventeenth album, basically continues where OOParts left off, with plenty of energetic and fun songs and an all-round solidness that one might say bests their previous studio albums.
Their sound is a little less daring this time around though; for example there's no mind-blowing distortion like on the opener of OOParts, which is slightly disappointing. The band also doesn't explore the different aspects of pop music as much here as on the aforementioned album. Production-wise, Horn Again is also way more polished, which is fine, but leaves a craving for their previous rawness.

Instead there are plenty of solid songs fitted with inspired guitar solos and enough new sounds to satisfy old and new fans of the band. And though this may be a (small) step down from OOParts it is no doubt one step further in the right direction.


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