Jan 7, 2011

2010: Gorillaz - The Fall

Recorded with an iPad and almost reducing the number of collaborators to zero, The Fall is a more stripped down version of previous Gorillaz albums, that has an apparent playfulness to it.

The result is a slightly more consistent album than Plastic Beach, that is mostly electronica/synth-pop, with several instrumental/'ambient' tracks. Damon Albarn does almost all of the vocals with the exception of Bobby Womack on the aptly named 'Bobby in Phoenix'.

However, the quality of the songs vary a bit at times; the tracks that come out the strongest are the vocal tracks with a large focus on melodic hooks. Several of the instrumental tracks are sometimes a bit too emotionless when put up against such melodically great tracks as 'Revolving Doors' , 'The Parish of Space Dust' and 'Amarillo'.
Overall, The Fall is an enjoyable album that hosts some very good songs and almost no bad ones, making it worthy of a listen. And since it's free there's really nothing to lose.


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