Oct 23, 2010

2010: Weezer - Hurley

It seems Weezer are now pumping out a new album each year starting with Red Album (2008), then Raditude (2009) and now with Hurley (2010). With most bands you'd probably think this was a bad thing. With Weezer this is hardly the case, as Rivers Cuomo has proved to be one the most consistently great songwriters out there. Usually recording dozens of songs that end up unreleased, some of them you might wish he had switched out with the songs he ends up putting on the record.

Hurley was much anticipated among fans as a 'return to form' due to Weezer switching to an indie label and displaying with the single 'Memories' a more unpolished sound similar to that of Pinkerton. This is true to some extent, although the songs hardly differ much from the band's recent output. There are moments of a more raw vocal from Rivers, other than that, this is mostly power-pop with a bunch of great hooks.
There are however a few nods in Pinkertons direction, with more synthesizers and the incredibly nonsensical 'Where's My Sex', which gets tiresome after only a few listens, despite displaying some interesting melodies.

This isn't really anything out of the ordinary for a Weezer album. There are the usual self-aware, sometimes ironic lyrics of Rivers, often detailing sadness and love. Several of the songs are instant Weezer-classics and rate among their best work, noteably 'Memories', 'Hang On' and 'Time Flies'. Be sure to check out the bonus tracks.


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