Sep 9, 2010

2010: Ed Harcourt - Lustre

Ed Harcourt is certainly not new to the singer-songwriter genre, Lustre marking his fifth album. With Lustre, Harcourt shows that his songwriter skills are at their peak.
From the angelic vocals in the title track to the howling Tom Waits-inspired vocals on 'Heart of A Wolf', Ed Harcourt proves yet again that he still has the ability to create clever melodies with highly emotional lyrics, delivered with his usually melancholy and lush vocals.

But the soundscape is far from monotone as Harcourt uses a wide variety of instruments from the mellotron-driven 'Haywired' to the xylophones(?) on the joyfully melodic 'Do As I Say Not As I Do'. However, nearly all of the tracks are driven by Harcourt's piano, which is employed brilliantly in both melancholy and upbeat poppy songs. The lyrical imagery is also very scenic in it's detailing of love and marriage and all that comes with it; themes ranging from using love as an escape and insanity to the acceptance of becoming a parent.

Overall, from the cover to the closing track it is apparent that Lustre is an epic and sweeping album, which is sure to impress with all it's different sounds and almost confessional lyrics. Lustre is among Harcourt best efforts and stands as one of the most impressive albums released this year.


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