Feb 27, 2010

2010: Gorillaz - Plastic Beach [Preview]

I'm sure you're all quite thrilled about Gorillaz, seeing as they have created some of the most interesting music released in the last decade. Jumping from trip-hop to pop/rock several times within the same album. The group, lead by former Blur vocalist Damon Albarn are releasing their upcoming album 'Plastic Beach' on the 8th of March, and have done an excellent job at keeping the album off the internet so far. With only one week until release, it certainly beats Demon Days which was leaked several months prior to its scheduled release. A mix containing several snippets of the album was recently released (download here), which doesn't set itself much apart from previous albums. But there are traces of funk/soul (2:20), synth pop (4:25) which sounds just brilliant. For those interested though, the album will be available for streaming on NPR on monday the 1st of March here.