Dec 28, 2009

2009: Weezer - Raditude

Although some might get turned off by Weezer's still growing interest in mainstream pop-music, the production pretty much remains the same as on previous albums, and it's clear that even though the themes of the songs are quite different, Cuomo's songwriting is as consistent as ever.

The theme of the album is set by the first song "(If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To", describing the awkward love of teenage relationships. The melodic hooks are riveting, and the first song is a prime example of Cuomo's knack for melody. The songs are not merely about the simplicity of teenage life, though it might seem like that at first; they for example tackle the unspoken unhappiness of someone obsessed with partying, ("Can't Stop Partying"), a song which also suprisingly features Lil Wayne rapping to a dance-pop track - drawing away from Weezer's usual sound. Several of the songs are sometimes similar to Pinkerton, namely "Put Me Back Together", in terms of their emotional nakedness and sentimentality. And though the songs are mostly about teenage life, Cuomo does an excellent job of portaying the youths' minds, and all the songs are written in such a way that they can only be first-hand experiences.
Weezer also seem to be widening their horizons not only to dance-pop but also to Bollywood-infused rock on "Love Is The Answer". This is a successfull and satisfying combination, although it might seem infinitely cheesy to some listeners. The album ends with "I Don't Want To Let You Go"; a painful song about a break-up. Even though it may sound old, Weezer does it in such a way that it is nothing less than plausible and touching.

The album certainly suceeds in what it tries to do, which is to deliver Weezer to a younger audience as well as portraying them, while still appealing to anyone with a heart. Raditude is Weezer in top form and probably one of the most underrated albums released in 2009. One that is so easy to listen to, and yet so easy to dismiss as simple pop/rock aimed at Mountain Dew-drinking teens.


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