Nov 18, 2009

Things not reviewed part II

More records released in 2009 that you should definitely check out.

Jarvis Cocker - Further Complications
Raw Britpop from the frontman of Pulp, suprisingly awesome

Madness - The liberty of Norton Folgate
More british than ever, returning from playing nostalgic summer festivals etc. Now releasing an hours worth of new material. Praised as the return of the kings of ska, and perhaps their finest album yet.

Telefon Tel-Aviv - Immolate Yourself
Indie-electronica, ambient, very DEEP and at the same time not very unaccessible

John Zorn - Alhambra Love Songs
Borrowing heavily from jewish folk-music and hard-bop, another solid record from one of the best contemporary jazz composers

Dinosaur Jr. - Farm
Another album from the band who reunited and released one of the best rock album of the decade in 2007, though not as good as the previous this is still a decent album.

Sonic Youth - The Eternal
Masters of 80s post-punk still rock as hard as ever, even if you can't stand Kim's vocals the album is still pretty good.

PS: Top lists as per decade/year of albums are always a big heap of shit, unless you agree with the list of course.

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